No artist tolerates reality.

~ Nietzsche ~

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I sometimes miss Twitter, simply for quickly getting something off my brain.


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A Westerhaven Academy Escapade

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Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide. ~ D.W. Winnicott
Hi! I'm Diana
Hi! I’m Diana

I have blogged under this domain since the year 2004, although this site and I have seen many transformations. With a M.A. in Cultural Studies I work as a legal alien among life scientists at my day job as a graphic designer, but as I suffer from excess creativity I also count writing, painting and photography among my many talents. I live in the south of Germany with my husband and far too many house plants.

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The moments when I want to live in home decor stores

The moments when I want to live in home decor stores

It is not feasible for a single person to buy a whole shelf of identical vases. Or a whole shelf of vases in every form and shape, but in a pleasing colour scheme. There is no point in having mountains of pillows and throw blankets on your sofa, because it simply is not practical. Same…
Make blogging fun again

Make blogging fun again

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash Yesterday, I upgraded my little corner of the Internet. Under the hood at least. New server, twice the space and all for the same amount of money I spent before (1). Finally , I can install and uninstall plugins and themes from within WordPress, without the detour through a FTP client. This…
The Ritual

The Ritual

Not every ritual requires candles, incense, crystals or a naked person tied up on the floor inside a pentagram. The sound of water hitting white porcelain. It drones out every other sound. Bathing essence paints dark swirls in elaborate patterns into the turbulent waters, before everything turns blue and the scent of lavender and lemon…